On the 21st of August 2018, I Love Fourways held one of the largest security meetings that the Fourways area has ever had. 15 companies who are Captains of Industry came together to offer their services to the community and offer assistance to the South African Police. We were joined by various members of the SAPS, CPF and Neighborhood Watch.
Captain Celliers of Douglasdale Police Station opened the discussions with crime stats that have been observed in sector 4 .
Freda Boiles Chairperson of the Secor 4 CPF expressed concern around the large amount of complaints that are posted on social media but are not brought forward to SAPS which makes it difficult for them to track and monitor crime. Residents are requested to report all crime related issues of any sort.
Brigadier Thambo thanked every person and company for stepping up to get involved, he expressed concern around the recent crime issues and appreciated  everyones willingness to work together. There is currently a roll out plan in place for CCTV cameras in the area
JMPD have approved and assigned 10 traffic Wardens to Douglasdale Police Station who will take up positions along William Nicol, you will see these Wardens in action in the next few weeks. Having these JMPD Wardens on foot will go a long way towards a strong sense of visibility. 
He encouraged local businesses to step up and play their part, we all need to do what we can!  
“we need to root out the rot”
Residents need to take precautions when hiring staff! Check references, check your home security, be aware of your surroundings and very importantly get off your phone when in the car.
Councillor David Foley added that there is a huge influx of migrants into Johannesburg every month, a lot of people are in desperate positions and are homeless. Residents are requested to get to know their ward councillors, their CPF sectors and representatives, familiarize yourselves with the people who are here to help. SAPS and JMPD have extremely dedicated people who work with them.
“Should you find yourself at a road block feel free to take out your phone and film the exchange, any good police officer will not have an issue with this, get their vehicle and badge numbers, the city is dedicated to rooting out corruption”
All companies agreed that the only way we are going to be able to make sustainable improvements is to implement an organized system that allows for all companies to get involved and enable any company who is in a position to offer resources to collaboratively work with SAPS, JMPD, the CPF. The I Love Fourways Team acknowledge that we are not security experts, but we are happy to be the coordinators for this effort and work together and #BeTheChange.
Please take a minute to acknowledge the companies and people who have made the effort to get involved, this is a massive initiative to get involved in and we need to salute EVERY one of these role players for their commitment to this community! #FourwaysAgainstCrime #TakingBackTheWays

We would like to say a special Thank you to Raymond from The Roof for hosting all of us and for his incredible hospitality

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