Choosing a school for your child is something very special and shouldn’t be taken lightly. As a parent, my child’s happiness and well being comes first so ensuring the right environment for my kids is always a priority! When it came to choosing a nursery school for our boys, my husband and I felt instantly welcome, comforted and excited by the “family” at Land Of Oz. Every bit about the school ticks all the boxes and we couldn’t be happier with the choice we made for our boys…

If you have not yet chosen a nursery school for your little ones you can book a tour at Land Of Oz to ensure you get a place for next year!

Chartwell – Click here to EMAIL and Book a Tour!

Fourways – Click here to EMAIL and Book a Tour!

More on Land Of Oz…

Home away from home

At Land of Oz Nursery School, we provide a safe, nurturing environment where children learn to be strong and independent through secure relationships with parents and teachers. Our classrooms are fully equipped with themed areas such as book corners, as well as playthings aimed at encouraging curiosity and free play. Our devotional beliefs based on Christian values (ethics and morals) form part of how we approach interaction and care.

Our daily programme reflects the age-appropriate needs of our children. The curriculum provides the ultimate environment where a child can learn through play, the highest form of learning.  As children learn through interaction with the world around them, all activities and engagements during the day are carefully planned to ensure maximum development. Therefore, we incorporate a constant routine, self-guided activities initiated by the child, and structured, guided activities planned and directed by the teacher. Our children learn throughout the day – from participating in an art activity, finding a worm in the garden, conversing with their teacher and peers to packing away after snacktime.

Holistic development

Our programme involves the development of the whole child. Therefore, we give attention to all areas:

  • Physical: The development of gross motor and fine motor skills
  • Cognitive: The development of language, problem-solving skills and knowledge
  • Emotional: Brings a child to a place where he or she is sure of themselves
  • Social: Provides for interaction with other children
  • Spiritual: Share with them that Jesus loves them

Early Learning and Development Areas

As a Curro Select School, our internally-developed nursery school programme is designed with the Early Learning and Development Areas (ELDAs) in mind. The programme is designed to stimulate physical, social, emotional and cognitive well-being through developmental activities and engaging play areas. These ELDAs focus on aspects such as gross motor development, social awareness, communication, spatial awareness and arts.

View our fact sheet or contact us for more information on our offering.

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