After today’s post by a group member going viciously out of control, we urge you please to read the very important notice below.

Here is the post that came through to the group: “When you go out of your way to drive around with packed lunches to feed people less fortunate and this little ungrateful [email protected]$#€ takes your gift and throws it out with out even opening it. I wouldn’t give him ice in winter again. At the William Nicol on ramp”

This discussion comes up all the time and there are people who are pro and people who are against giving to beggars however after several discussions with the CPF the reality is that they are making it difficult to manage crime at intersections. We need people to move away from our intersections so that you can see if we are under real threat. We love the communities generous hearts but please rather support our local charities or soup kitchens. Some of the beggars in our area have been there for years and we have created an industry by supporting them. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE BEGGARS MONEY OR FOOD.

Street Vendors
They are a hazard at the robots. We cannot see if we are under threat at the robots because there are so many. They look into our cars and tip off information to possible perpetrators. If we do not support the industry they will go elsewhere. DO NOT SUPPORT STREET VENDORS AT ROBOTS.

This advice has been given to us by our local Police Department and we strongly urge the community to follow these guidelines. I for one, am a terrible push over and would give the clothes of my back if nothing else however, after having this information I have made the change and continue to only support my local charities.


#BeTheChange #SupportLocalCharities 

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