Dear Man, thank you for riding your bike to work so early in the morning in the freezing cold with shorts on, you are amazing! Because of you, something important is going to be done today!
Dear Lady, it’s cold and you are sitting there on the corner of the road in the cold selling fruit to those who need it, I take my hat off to you! You are always there and always smiling! Thank you.
Dear Man, I am sorry that your car is smoking and your rim is shaking, I pray you find a way to fix your car so that you and the 4 people that you are taking to work all arrive safely and so that you can continue to do the amazing thing you do. Thank you!
Dear Lady at the not so hyper, pet hyper in comparison to the huge pet store, thank you for always being so kind and happy when I walk in ! You are wonderful, thank you!
Dear Gogo walking to work with a baby on your back and a bag on your head, thank you! You make someone’s life a little bit easier when they get home from a long day and their house is beautifully clean, because of you, the world is a little bit better!
Dear Nurse at Fourways life, thank you for making us feel better and holding our hands when we are scared or sore, you are making such a difference, even though you have your own struggles! You are there! You are kind! You are brave when we are scared so, Thank you!
Dear Man that sat in the car behind me yesterday, your car is not the best! You dont have a TAG on your arm, it doesn’t look like you have a whole lot of stuff! But, you saw a man walk past you struggling and you took out all the money you had in your wallet and gave it to him! Thank you! You are amazing!
Dear Lady at Checkers packing my bags, you always make me laugh! I love you! Thank you!
Dear Man working in the dust in Fourways mall! One day it will be great! And you will have contributed to that, thank you.
Dear Pet Shop that took the bird I found on the side of the road that was injured and made it better, thank you!

Thank you to the ever so irritating taxi drivers that have the ability to push ones blood pressure up and make one so furious in 0.2 seconds! I understand, there are a lot of people in the world that need to get to work! I get it, thank you!

Thank you moms, Dads, Grandma, Grandpa, Magogo, gardeners, workers, helpers, the rich, the poor! You all make a difference in a small way!
I wish I had all you need to make your life better, I will do my best to make it a little better one step at a time ! ❤️

Thank you Candice Shane Geldenhuys for sharing this to I Love Fourways today. I Loved reading it and needed to read this today!

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