On Saturday morning I was dashing around in a crazy hurry getting ready for my godson’s birthday! I had finished off my last task and was racing to my car from Woolies at Cedar Square… Even in my ridiculous speed wobble, I was stopped in my tracks and drawn to a beautiful market stand with hand made products and greeted with a sparkling smile by the lovely Makhosazane, founder of R O S A Handmade in SA.

I was totally captivated by her products and managed to take a few quick pics along with her business card! I asked her for a few prices and was amazed at how well priced everything was considering the huge amount of effort it must take to make these things! Sadly I had to rush off but I knew I had to get the word out about her!

When I got a gap, I posted to I love Fourways that Makhosazane was at Cedar Square selling these beautiful items and here is where the story melted my heart! …

The post went CRAZY as the community was in complete awe with these products and within a few hours Makhosazane had literally sold out! Following her sell out, here is what happened”

“I’m sold out! I didn’t sleep Saturday night as I was making stock for Sunday… The people came and bought everything at Waterfall just like they did at Cedar Square… To think I felt like quitting & had already told the market at Cedar Square that I was leaving because sales were so bad… The perfect life changing moment you came by… Can’t thank you enough & Fourways community at large…I’m already busy with orders and new stock for the weekend… Where did you come from, God bless your selfless generosity…”

Makhosazane is blown away by what has happened and I believe she and the ladies she works with will go a long way!

If there is anyone out there that is willing to put together an online store as a contribution toward this wonderful business, you would be the next step to building an incredible future for this woman and her team!

Thank you wholeheartedly to each and every person that went to support Makhosazane and her amazing products! We cannot wait to see her everywhere! This just makes us incredibly proudly South African!

Share this post and get her known! Like her Facebook Page and Contact her for any orders!

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