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Asphalting the road between Valley road and Federick road and between Uranium and Stinkwood will start tomorrow. Traffic flow will be congested between 8H00 and 16H00 and the plan is as follow:

· Entering Lombardy road will be one way traffic, between Cedar and Syringa road.

· There will be no connection coming from Lombardy road to Cedar road on Tuesday 12/09 and Wednesday 13/09 between 8H00 and 16H00

· Asphalting crossing Lombardy will be done on Wednesday and waiting time to enter Lombardy will apply, please use alternative roads to enter Lombardy.

· Entrance to Cedar or Lombardy road will be via Syringa avenue to Rosewood road and Haven road or via Pine road to Uranium road.

· All the traffic will be moved onto one side of the road from the island at Valley road on Wednesday 13/09

· Entrance to and from Stratford office park will be controlled by means of a stop and go on 13/09 during the construction.

· After completion of the asphalt between Valley and Federick road all traffic will be moved onto the one side of the road from Valley to Uranium street.

· Starting on Monday 18 September the asphalt between Stinkwood en Uranium street will commence.

· Traffic will be moved onto the new asphalted road between Stinkwood and Uranium, while repairs on the Uranium intersection occurs.

· By the 22 September the road will be open from Valley road to Stinkwood with one side traffic and from Stinkwood to Witkoppen all lanes open (two lanes both side).

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