Chantelle Stoikof posted a concerned notice to the ILF community that our local entrepreneur and horticulturist is being removed from his location and is having his precious trees taken away from him…

The community was outraged and everyone wanted to know how they could assist in getting him back and keep his business going!

Here are some of the encouraging comments taken from the group:

Karoly Csernus: I have spoken to a friend of mine, the owner of FOURWAYS & NORTHRIDING MOVERS. He is prepared to sponsor the relocation to the new site @ NO CHARGE! His name is Bothwell, contact me for his details when ready.  I may be able to possibly sponsor him some proper signage to replace what they took (space dependant)

Lisa Wilkinson: Update We have organised a legal spot for him to trade from, a moving company to move his stuff for free. A Douglasdale CPF member is checking if the search was done legally and if Sipho is okay.

Angela Alfonso: Just an update: I am meeting Superintendant Phamla today at Sipho’s site. He agrees that the site is clean and he should stay! He will just educate him with the bylaws re placing signs on stops signs and lampposts !!! He will also inform the councilor just need to send an email.

Click here for the full thread:

Nothing was going to stop this community from getting Sipho back up and running! He is back, safely in his “spot” and carrying on as before!  I think he’d be blown away if only he knew the love and support he had behind him! The ILF Community is beyond inspiring and thank you SO much to all those that were involved in the support of Sipho and his phenomenal Tree Business!

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