With all the chaos and construction on Cedar Road, people who were frequent patrons at the Broadacres Centre have been avoiding it like the plague! This is obviously devastating as the shops that have served people for years are suffering the consequences terribly. We were invited by the warm and welcoming Helen, owner of Kitchen Kafe to try out their new menu and we opted to go for Breakfast! OH…. MY…. GOODNESS! When I say that each and every mouth full was like heaven on a spoon I mean it. The presentation was beautiful and the portion was just right! I would not have changed a thing it was absolutely perfect! The staff are so professional, and genuinely happy which makes being there so peaceful and enjoyable. The interior is fresh and clean yet cozy and welcoming. The options on the menu are so amazing that it makes choosing what to eat extremely challenging!  What a lot of people are not aware of is that Kitchen Kafe is run by the same family who ran the Europa Restaurant and in 2016 they decided to de-franchise and create their own brand and unique menu. Helen wanted to ensure absolute freshness and eliminate any prepared frozen foods which is what was previously offered. She also wanted to cater for all types of eating habits as people’s diets are changing all the time and she has made sure there is something for everyone! Kitchen Kafe offer Vegetarian, Banting and Paleo, Health food including pressed juices, health smoothies and the most delicious cup of coffee and red cappuccino you have ever tasted! 

Helen plans to progressively introduce products that are a healthier choice for instance changing flour that is used for pizzas & baking to a stone-ground flour which is 100% natural wheat, NO additives and NON GMO (genetically modified organism)! These products are not easy to come by so it is a process and will be built up slowly but great to know its all happening!

They offer daily specials which are listed in our events calendar! Each of which seriously need to be tried at least once!

Just to give you an idea of some of the health options on the menu, here are a few meals on offer:

Berry Banana Health Bowl ~ Thick Greek yoghurt served with seasonal berries, sliced bananas, flaked almonds & pumpkin seeds drizzled with honey

Quinoa Berries, Banana & Nut Porridge ~ Quinoa mixed with a banana, natural peanut butter, a hint of vanilla & honey topped with mixed berries, almonds & sesame seeds

Spinach, Avocado & Humus Bowl ~ Raw baby spinach leaves tossed in basil pesto, a boiled egg, sliced avocado, cucumber, roasted balsamic cherry tomatoes & a dollop of humus

Omega Health Breakfast ~ Smoked Salmon trout, sliced mozzarella & fresh tomato, avocado, rocket served with rye toast

Green Omelette ~ Spinach, chives & parsley omelette filled with sundried tomatoes, toasted pine nuts, avocado & crumbled feta cheese and served with basil pesto on the side

In case any of you missed it, they offer the most incredible mouth watering milkshake specials on the weekend! R30 and you have a match made in heaven!

We absolutely love Kitchen Kafe and the strong family force behind it! It is one of a kind and we would love to see more of the local community supporting this wonderful family business!

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