I Love Fourways was started in 2014 by local resident Jenna Dawes in the hope she could get residents to engage through social media. “I wanted Fourways to feel like a neighborhood again” says Jenna, who grew up in Fourways. “I wanted people to start chatting about how they feel about community issues that directly affect us.  I wanted people to share their stories, warn fellow residents of news they felt was important and not what the media decided we should know, and refer good service providers in the area.” I felt it was the perfect platform for people to sell second hand goods, put their properties up for rent and get some exposure for their businesses.”

The group has given over 26 000 residents a platform to speak out and come together. “the group has become a movement.” says Jenna “Residents are getting involved, giving back, supporting each other and local businesses. Residents seek advice on good plumbers, electricians, beauty services and more, and this has allowed us to work towards increasing service levels in our area.”

“The I Love Fourways Group is currently one of South Africas most powerful community driven suburban groups and is growing quickly”


“We have seen members helping each other find pets, offering comfort to someone they have never met, showing kindness to someone who just needed to hear they are not alone. They have stood together on issues like child abuse and animal abuse.”

In late 2016 a video posted on the group of a special needs child being abused by his mother at a local restaurant that went viral. Distraught residents united against the abuser and ensured action was taken.

The group has a team of administrators and moderators who facilitate the group voluntarily to screen members and posts for offensive content, only 60% of member requests are approved due to a strict screening process


“as the group grew I realized that I could not manage it alone, I appealed to the community for members to get involved and help me protect the group from fraudsters, spammers and the removal of abusive content, I was grateful to everyone who took the challenge on, its time consuming Fourways has a lot to say”

Not realising this group would accumulate into the thousands with everyone trying to be heard, Jenna and her 2 partners come up with another plan that would assist in reducing the amount of business posts and increasing general discussions and bringing the page back to a community group which is what it is all meant to be about.

“Between myself and my 2 partners, we have spent endless hours building the perfect website for our community”, says Jenna. The website is intended to promote local businesses and services and for residents in the area to have a precise and pristine directory where they can search for whatever it is they are looking for, IN FOURWAYS. “We realized this was essential and urgent as with the amount of posts that come onto the group in one day, that one would lose the thread completely and not be able to find a post they had seen just that morning….” Says Jenna.

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    I enjoy ILF because it allows the community to express themselves about every day issues without having too many restrictions and rules in place. The caring, sharing and camaraderie is very special on this Group and seems to be done with respect to fellow users. It’s definitely the Group of the future for matter- of- fact info, goods for sale, jobs, hired help, safety and security etc… all rolled into one ! Keep up the good work Penny Dawes and Team, and thank you for an informative enjoyable site /FB Group !

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    Oops….sorry in my previous comment I typed your name incorrectly Jenna Penny Dawes 🙂

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