An email was sent out to residents in a local estate this morning confirming an armed hijacking that took place right outside the entrance to the Estate. They got away with the vehicle but thankfully no one was injured during this process.

We would like the people in our community to please take this matter very seriously and to please share this article far and wide. We need to work together in keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe! Be vigilant at all times, even when you think you are arriving safely a the entrance to your home/complex/estate. These criminals are scared of nothing and crime is at an all time high at the moment. PLEASE BE SAFE!

Original Cedar Lakes Release:

Dear Residents,

On Wednesday 22 November 2017 at approximately 21h00, a hijacking took place at Bravo Gate.  The perpetrators followed the victim and held him at gunpoint.  It all happened very fast and there was nothing security could do to prevent the perpetrators from taking the vehicle.

Security followed them to William Nichol but could not keep up, however, the victim’s security company were able to track the vehicle to Randburg.

No-one was injured in the incident.  The Douglasdale Police took statements and opened a case and are investigating the incident.

The Security Committee will discuss this further in their meeting this week and will look at taking extra security measures specifically in Cedar Boulevard West.

We ask residents to be extra vigilant during the holiday season as statistics prove an increase in crime over this period.  Further to the above, a GPS App is available at R40 pm that connects you to the SAPD, in any event, to enable them to track a person or vehicle, info in this regard will be sent out shortly.

Jean-Pierre du Preez
Estate Manager

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