My name is Kyle Nhlapo. I am 19 years of age and went to Fourways High School.

I am brightly talented, courageously strong, intellectually inclined, humble in spirit, passionate at heart and a down to earth Christian young man filled with many wonderful hopes and dreams. I am full of potential willing to do whatever it takes to succeed and thrive in this magnificent world that we live in. I am a ball of joy, a burst of beautiful energy and a character always daring to take risks with the belief that i can change the world for the better.

I truly believe that God has granted me that exact opportunity to do such. To change the way Cancer is being viewed, treated and all the steps that are being taken to tackle this pandemic millions are facing and that are inevitably destined to face.

Please allow me to explain my Cancer story to you. Hoping that you may open up your heart, have compassion on me and be willing to understand and generously support this challenge which I am going through.

How it all started

The last couple of years have been the most challenging for me so far. In November 2017 I was in an unfortunate situation that drastically changed my whole life around. It was a moment that seemed insignificant but grew to something much bigger than I had imagined.

I was in a minor taxi accident on my way home coming from school, that didn’t have anyone seriously injured or rushed to hospital but one that opened up a doorway to a whole new set of obstacles. It was a situation where the vehicle in front of us, out of nowhere immediately braked in the middle of the road causing the taxi I was in, to also do the same to prevent a tragic collision. As a result, everyone in the taxi flew forward and so did I, which lead to me bumping my left knee really hard on an uncovered metal bar where you would normally place your bags.

This caused me to hit the lower part of my left knee really hard. The pain in that moment was quite terrible and severe but I took it like a man. I knew that I would be fine if I gave it time to heal like we all normally would think, after a slight bruise on our bodies.

Going through the rest of the month the pain was still slightly there but it felt like it was getting better after some time. Walking into December it was still surprisingly there but i didn’t take it so seriously. Towards the end of that December I started noticing how much pain my knee was suddenly going through and knew something was wrong. There was a time when i went up some stairs and i couldn’t make it to the top without experiencing more and more pain and noticed how difficult it was for me to continue climbing all the way.

Then came the beginning of 2018 and the pain was just getting worse and worse to the point I started limping and had to immediately go on crutches. Next thing I knew, my left knee started swelling quite rapidly and I couldn’t walk properly anymore. I couldn’t put too much pressure on it otherwise it would make the pain even more worse.

The beginning of my treatment journey

Noticing the extremity of my situation my mother immediately took me to the hospital on the 8th of January 2018 and after going through an X-Ray it showed that extra bone tissue was being created around my knee which was forming a bone tumor. I was then admitted on the 10 of January 2018 at Charlotte Maxeke Public Hospital in Johannesburg. I went through multiple scans such as MRI, Bone and CT Scan. I then soon went in for a biopsy a week after my admittance.

I was then discharged on the 30th of January afterwards. I was told to wait for about 3-4 weeks for my results to come back from the biopsy which would determine whether my bone tumor was cancerous or not. On the 21st of February, I got my results back and the doctor confirmed that my bone tumor was cancerous. It was the day I got diagnosed with Osteosarcoma which is a rare type of Bone Cancer.

Shook and frozen in movement. I was deeply saddened and hurt by what my ears had just heard and broke down into tears. They said that I would have to go in for chemotherapy and surgery straight afterwards. I knew it wouldn’t be a pleasant experience. I researched about my condition and discovered how rare it was and how it effects young male teens especially from the ages of 10 to 21. I waited for about a month till I could receive my medication “chemotherapy” and in that period my tumor grew substantially to the point it looked like a large soccer ball right in my left knee. I was in total heartbreak and felt like my whole life came crashing down.

I began my chemotherapy journey of two cycles which is 4 sessions in total, at the end of March. My first cycle was really bad resulting in me vomiting all the time, feeling very nauseous and being unable to concentrate so I had to just sleep and close my eyes all day. I could taste all the harmful chemicals in my system and couldn’t even eat properly and adequately anymore. The food tasted too acidic for me to enjoy or even take the courage to swallow and eat.

My second cycle began around mid-April and was also pretty bad resulting in me losing consciousness and unable to have my eyes opened most of the time. My body had been too ill and all my blood levels were extremely low. I then took the courageous decision to find another way to tackle what I was going through. I decided to end the journey of my conventional treatment as my spirit and soul were deteriorating exponentially. I could sense and see that it was not going to help or save me in any possible way. I was meant to go in for surgery right after that but decided to find alternatives before undergoing the conventional root, as I researched online how surgery would only reduce the size of the tumor but not destroy the Cancer stem cells from which tumors grow and spread or cure me of my disease. The chances of success weren’t too high for me now.

My mother and i then discovered alternative ways of treating this disease and have been tackling it the best way we can. In the month of May, we went to a homeopath and got some remedies we could use that would work for me. The results were amazing in the first couple of months to the point that i could even go off my crutches and start walking again on both of my feet. The tumor was decreasing and all was starting to look promising. My body started gaining strength again and i could do more than i could before like driving around and even playing sports.

Then came the month of November where it started being overly aggressive again and the pain started coming back. In heartbreak and not knowing what to do we started researching online again for our next hope. We managed to get a hold of some supplements that took the pain away for a while but this time the size was not really reducing in any way but only getting bigger and bigger. We wanted to go back to the hospital but considering my condition and how bad it had gotten we knew we had to find something else or we would be going back to what we had initially started. The doctors would tell us our only option would be amputation when we knew deep down in our souls there must be another way.

At this point we knew an alternative clinic would be our only answer of really getting to the bottom of this tumor and seeing real results.

My experience through this journey

I never expected it or saw it coming in anyway. It broke me down and crushed my soul. My whole life flashed right in front of my eyes. For a second I couldn’t manage to think straight. Comprehending the gravity weighed in the words “we are very sorry to inform you…” is all too much for one moment of time. Senseless in thought and unable to breathe the slightest bit of air, my mind shut off and just went into sleep mode.

I went into a deeper dimension where I questioned the existence of a man’s suffering. Firstly, of how far it has been pushed and what is being done to tackle issues and obstacles destined for millions of people to face. Secondly how it is humanities greatest fear and unfortunately how it is also humanities greatest snatcher of life and thought.

Me being shaken off my feet and into the clouds of fear, I wept and began to pour down my heavenly tears. Opening my hands waiting to catch their precious golden showers.

Knowing that I shall be saved. Knowing that there is no way I being who I am will be brought into this and be left alone without a victory manifesting soon.

I know everyone has a family member or friend whose been affected by this heartbreaking disease and it’s time we look for more answers.

I find it sad how advancements and improvements are being slowly implemented in this field of Cancer. How every patient must undergo the same kind of treatments that have been administered for over many years and how each patient is not being individually treated for their specific needs but just being given the same conventional treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. We all know there’s many other alternatives out there, but not many people are willing to take on that risk, put their lives on the line and find them out.

Fortunately, through the strength and grace of God. I decided to take on that risk and find another route to treating my Cancer naturally with treatments that don’t have any harmful side effects that destroy the body first with no guarantee of a full recovery there afterwards. It makes me question why one’s immune system must be destroyed first when it’s already being compromised before it can revive. To me it seems like things are being done the other way around. All it takes is the effort of research and the determination to break through the current way of thinking and realize that what is given is all that is really being offered. Many breakthroughs are being discovered but because of government and big corporations these implementations continue to take time before they reach the public so inevitably it’s up to individuals like me and many others to find them on our own.

If we don’t have people like me brave enough to find other means while suffering along the journey we never going to see substantial change, true growth and will continue losing innocent lives because enough is not being done. I always believed I have the potential and heart to make a huge difference and change the world for the better and now is the time for me and you to do just that. Through discovering various ways of treating cancer and with all the research I have done your voice and my voice can stand as one and bring about real change.

Thanks to God we have the right answers right in front of us now.

New Cancer Treatment

This was my gateway to a whole new journey where there would be no more dreadful side effects or suffering anymore from the fear of this sad and life-threatening epidemic.

Our breakthrough came when my mother and I discovered this amazing clinic called “AltMedCare International Clinic”. A clinic that provides A NEW ERA IN CANCER TREATMENTS. They offer a wide range of natural therapies and treatments to treat this dreadful disease. One of their main treatments is Oncolytic Viro-Immuno Therapy (OVIT) which is a type of Cancer treatment which uses a virus that has the potential to halt the uncontrollable growth, or even destroy, Cancer cells.

This virus is the world’s first clinically approved and registered oncolytic virus which is not genetically modified. This treatment is based on more than 50 years of research. It is used to treat solid tumors (organs and tissues) with a 14-year track record of safety and efficacy. Along with Oxygen based therapies, dietary changes, nutritional support and specialized IV infusions this treatment plan is for those who have tried traditional cancer treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation but treatment has failed.

My situation right now

It hurts to say but my tumor has been overly aggressive over the past few months now, it has been growing and getting larger. My knee has been in extreme pain but my supplements are managing it for now but I can’t walk properly anymore and have to constantly be on crutches. My Mother and I tried doing this on our own but it’s such a difficult journey and we really do need help and support. I was touched by this new treatment many patients in this country don’t know of and felt a sense of hope and relief when we had discovered it. Yes, we took on a big risk by trying alternative routes but time has proven to be all worth the wait and struggle for I always knew there’s other methods to treating Cancer and now we certainly found them.

Sometimes in life it’s not about accepting things for the way they are but most importantly changing them for all to benefit from.

Like the great Nelson Mandela said “It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

My request for any donations and sponsorships

I wrote this letter with the hopes of receiving your financial support and contributions in any possible way, whether it be big or small. I believe that any effort made would make a huge difference in the outcome of my success. The treatments offered by AltMedCare are private and very advanced coming all the way from overseas as they have not yet been introduced into our African continent yet, which makes it come at a very high cost and is quite expensive.

The amazing part of your contribution and support would be the fact that together as a team and as a rainbow nation we will not only be serving our country proud but will also be pleasing our Heavenly Father who is up above by bringing people’s attention to the other kinds of Cancer treatments the world should offer, which they don’t know of and by doing so saving millions of lives.

We have an incredible opportunity to show governments, big corporations, institutions, doctors and the public sector how there’s always other means to solving problems and how there’s always other alternative solutions.

Millions of patients and people who are suffering or losing their lives don’t even know of these alternative treatments and it would an honour for all of us to make it known to them.

I can’t think of any other greater way we can change the way healthcare and Cancer is being administered. If you really think about it, we have the chance to change an entire system and medical industry around. It certainly won’t happen overnight but all it takes is for one person who is willing to put their life on the line to make monumental and fundamental change.

It can imagine how the Media will react once this story makes its breakthrough and how all our efforts will be recognized and appreciated.

I know with everyone’s help and generous giving, at the right time I will be fully healed and would have recovered in all possible ways.

I would love to humbly thank you very much in advance for your time in reading my sponsor letter and for considering my request. I believe by the tender love and by the gift of giving, given to us by our gracious God that you will find the goodness in your heart to make a difference not only in my life but in the destiny and hope of many others who will be truly inspired by my journey. I am truly grateful for this wonderful opportunity to reach out to you.

A letter from the clinic has been personally written for me as well which makes this request more professional in detail and trustworthy with all their contact details, website information and banking details.

Please use either My ID Number or My Name and Surname as a reference when graciously donating into the humanitarian foundation bank account that will be used for my treatment.

Please CLICK on this link to support Kyle:

Contact Details


Cell: 072 116 8548

Work: 011 575 0612

Email: [email protected]


Cell: 082 960 1650

Work: 011 234 7641

Email: [email protected]


Cell: 076 507 9055

Email: [email protected]


Yours Sincerely

Kyle Nhlapo



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