Carolyn Penny (my wife) posted this to the I Love Fourways Group this morning and feel that it needed to be made public. Thank you all for the overwhelming responses.

Here it is…

Please excuse the long post, I have had another of my ILF sleepless nights. I usually lie awake mulling over the immediate issue, rationalise it and find my peace in just walking away from the issue but tonight I am actually beyond fed up.

You see being an Admin of a group like ILF comes with a lot of combative situations, our devices almost never stop with community members contacting us at all hours or the day, night, weekend, public holidays. We are never unavailable and a lot of people do not mind contacting us at all hours to voice their grievances. We are attacked daily for not approving posts, for approving posts, for removing comments, for not removing comments, for approving profiles, for not approving profiles….most people who complain don’t bother with pleasantries they just attack and its the old story, you can’t make everyone happy and everyone thinks they could do a better job. Most days I would like to think that through experience we have found the balance, have a fair approach to content and are in a situation where things are running pretty smoothly despite the complaints, THIS team does a phenomenal job.

What a lot of people do not know (especially new members) is the volume of content we work through on a daily basis. It never stops, this community is alive with valuable information and the ability to empower each other to make changes but we receive hundreds of job posts a day which is heartbreaking. Hundreds of posts about animals needing homes. Hundreds of posts of various charity organisations, BuckaBuddy pages, fundraising, sponsorships etc never mind the spam, fraud and spells. It can be really hard to decide what should come through and what doesn’t. We have set up a separate group to support people to get jobs, a separate group to support charities, separate groups for each suburb, telegram groups to allow discussions about crime…we have a Whatsapp number where we communicate directly with residents about issues they have, email addresses for everyone to contact us, a website to correlate relevant information, we spend our days updating residents on water issues, crime issues, community awareness etc. Every single element of this is manned. This is a monster of an initiative but we love it, we have loved the changes we have been able to make, we have loved the incredible people we have had the opportunity to meet who live here, we love that we have created a powerful network that has serious clout and makes authoritative figures stand up and take note and we love how awesome Fourways is. So what has got me up tonight as opposed to any other night?

For a few years now pretty much every time we do anything in the community there is an attempt to shoot down our efforts and debunk our intentions, we ALWAYS ignore the cheap shots that are thrown at us and keep going, we know that we are doing a good job and we have never been anything but transparent as to how we operate but it does get to you sometimes and, to be honest sometimes it seeps into our family life as we become angry with the blatant unprofessionalism that is openly displayed on social media. Today I had a chat with a lady who runs an incredible initiative which has helped so many people get back on their feet and she told me that she had considered walking away because of her interactions on social media and I thought isn’t it so sad how many people are out there doing incredible things in communities who eventually give up because of detractors. This correspondence has had me thinking for hours now because we have had times where we have thought “is it worth it?”.

Every so often we take a few seconds to breathe and reflect on what we have achieved, to look back at the content we have generated, the initiatives we have been involved in and we are really proud to be part of all of this. I think the most gratifying moments are when someone comes up to us in “real life” and compliments our efforts or tells us how much they value the platform. So my post is really to thank everyone who supports us and continues to support us, for being involved, for contributing by posting, commenting and liking the ILF content and being part of this ILF journey! You motivate us and help us keep focused! 💙

Here are some of the community comments:

  1. Isabel Cress A huge thank you to you both !!  Much appreciation …!! A sterling job …!! 🤗🤗
  2. Angela Wiese Geldenhuys Keep up the good work ❤️
  3. Jo-Anne Sudbury You doing an awsome job – well done guys and keep going .👏💕
  4. Lochini Kanagaratnam You guys do such an amazing job!
  5. Magumo Mahla Thank you guys, awesome work you are doing!
  6. Sarah La Trobe We really appreciate what you are doing. Thank you so much
  7. Karen Donaldson Blakeway An amazing team you do so much in our community – thank you
  8. Janine Basel Head up and keep going. With thanks
  9. Karen Bredell Thanks for what you do. I love this group and realise it is because of the work you guys put in behind the scenes. Thank you.
  10. Natalie Beveridge You guys have been amazing! The love and support I have had from I Love Fourways and the community after my baby Keiran Kicking Cancer #TinyTheMighty passed away due to cancer has been invaluable and I am so grateful to you all . Good job
  11. Anne Jayes Green You really are doing a phenomenal job. I often tell people in ‘real life’ that you do so much of what our elected representatives should be doing, and more. Thank you!!
  12. Aurora Schoch Thank you 🌺
  13. Candice Segar You guys do a remarkable job and have become a staple in many peoples lives . Thank you 🙏🏼
  14. Nicky Strathern Candice Segar agreed. We helped a lady last night who published her problems on thus group.
  15. Wendy van Heerden You guys do an incredible job. Thank you for all your time and effort!
  16. Ineke Gietzman-Seket Thank you and may you be blessed with abundance and joy for the truly wonderful work you do for our community. I rely on this group for a lot of things, it keeps me safe and in touch and helps me so much, a million thanks ✨⭐️
  17. Glynis Brits Thank you – I do enjoy this group and all the regular updates. Can you tell me where I can post something for a fundraiser. Much appreciated
  18. Veta Masters You are doing an amazing job 🌸Keep up the good work & ignore the fools that constantly complain. You are appreciated 🤗
  19. Charmaine Finniss You guys do an amazing “job”. Always going to be those who have negative comments, it’s just the way life works. Please remember you are making positive impacts and you make differences to people’s life’s each day, that’s what matters.
  20. Janice Swart Thank you for all of your hard work. There are many many of us who appreciate it ⭐️
  21. Samantha Metzer Weideman Mad respect and thank you 🙏
  22. Carmen Haasbroek You can’t please everyone 😘
  23. Susan Harwood You are all doing an amazing job – we are so fortunate as a community, having you at the helm….much like a shining beacon of hope and help 💙In gratitude…
  24. Claire D’Oliveira So well said! I agree with all you’ve said! It is really hard to have the constant complaints – although, I often find that it is the same people that are unhappy and attack the admins. …See More
  25. Ashleigh Ann du Plessis You are all doing an incredible job! Thank you for all you are doing for our community
  26. Moira Kinsman Thank you for all your hard work- this group IS because of you. I appreciate everything you do- thank you again.
  27. Geoff Caplin On with the big girl broeks and keep up the good work. In the public space you are always going to get the naysayers, its normal. Just dont let it disrupt your family life.
  28. Gill Campbell Lindsell Thank you!
  29. Hanlie Brand For everyone complaining, you have thousands of happy ones – unfortunately the happy ones don’t ‘complain’ that they’re happy so you’d never know. So rest assured lots of us are happy about what you are doing but not ‘complaining’ as we are happy…
  30. Nicola B Taylor Thank you from me as well. I’m sorry for the bullies and the one’s who make it difficult. Keep doing what you do, I find your pages informative and helpful. ❤
  31. Karine Lejeune Thanks for keeping this community alive and for all you are doing
  32. Lucia Camara The difference you all make is treasured and yes we dont see the good as much as we shouldxx Please dont give up….if you have changed ONE life…you have achieved more than many. THANK YOU ALL🙏🙏🙏🙏
  33. Chenelle Pollock I have so much respect for what you do! Your efforts have been amazing and more so, your dedication is applaudable! Thank you isn’t nearly enough, but…. thank you.
  34. Andrew Daniel Grove those who can do ….. those who can’t complain. … this page GREAT JOB
  35. Glenda Snyman Unfortunately when one takes on the initiative it opens one to lots of criticism. The reason why you started this is because you are strong ,care and have initiative. Keep up the good work and try and ignore those out there that never have and never will have the strength and initiative you have .
  36. Gillian Stier Thank you for the incredible work that you and the team do. I really appreciate it.
  37. Jerome G. Khan Awesome initiative guys with an amazing impact on the community. Keep up the magic!
  38. Holly Wood My husband and I were having a discussion the other day about what a wonderful platform this group is . It has made a huge impact on the community and has allowed people to have a voice. In life there will always be “those people” who do not appreciate…See More
  39. Debra Chaney This world is filled with nasty individuals who will hate, because that’s what they know. Do not allow them to influence your work. But take time out for your family and friends, maybe get some more admins, to share the load. Social media never stops, but you and your family need a break from it.
  40. Karen Hagger There are many out there who appreciate all you do and love being members of such an awesome initiative. Smile and wave, one step at a time and remember all the people who benefit from and enjoy this group 😘
  41. Gareth Holden Interesting that there’s so much involved with this group. At face value though all I see is people habitually asking for recommendations and buying their neighbours tatty old 2nd hand goods. Keep up the good work
  42. Ropafadzo Michelle Chakauya Zuze Splendid job and we truly appreciate. May God bless you and your team richly. This group is such a blessing!❤
  43. Eleanor Ward You are all doing an amazingly supercalafragalisticexpialadocious 💫⭐️💫job! And we are very grateful for this platform. Our lives will never be the same without this valuable medium. People’s negative reaction is a reflection of them and not you! Well done and keep going!💙
  44. Laura Koen You guys are doing an amazing job. Thank you
  45. Louise Squara Thank you for the tireless job you do. Your hard work is appreciated 👍
  46. Charlotte Henderson Thank you for the selfless work you do for our community. 🌸🌸🌸
  47. Lynette Razzano Bernstein The kind of work you do, takes a special person to do it and a very strong person and you are that. Dealing with all kinds of people out there is not easy at all. Like Debra said there are nasty people out there, who will always find fault doesn’t matt…See More
  48. Chris Segar Hats off to you and your team – ILF deserves awards aplenty 😊
  49. Manuela Raducanu Carolyn if you need more moderators to take shit from people I can help with the load😎 let me know. 😘
  50. Bedielia Wallace You guys are so awesome and thank you to you and the team. Xx
  51. Kelly von Holdt You guys are doing a fantastic, thankless job Carolyn Penny Gustav Penny and Jenna. I value the whatsapps, the information avail, especially surrounding security, and the invaluable recommendations received, many of which I have personally made use of.…See More
  52. Jo Jo Thank you to you and your team for keeping Fourways in the know and you guys have built a strong community of people that care about one another. Don’t let the negative Nelly’s get you guys down I know easier said then done. Your commitment and hard work brings the Fourways cream to the top !!! 🌸❤️🌺
  53. Ingrid Kearney You are all absolutely awesome and sadly in every environment there’s going to be THAT person or group of people who are just plain nasty and unappreciative. 👏🤙
  54. Tersia Cowley I value you, your time, effort and everything you stand for. Keep it up💙
  55. Michal Jansen I think you doing a great job. My family appreciates it
  56. Hilary Elisabeth Moloney Thank you for this valuable group – some posts/comments are unsavory but I love the helpful/informative ones. 🌸
  57. Janine Greenleaf Walker I think you do a brilliant job. This is one of my favourite FB groups and has certainly helped me with a number of things. Well done to you and the team.
  58. Chandor Rowe I think you’re doing an excellent job. People who don’t agree should just take themselves off the group then.
  59. Gail Mac Millan Cannot say thanku enough for your hours of input. You’re amazing. Wish we had more in Bryanston area.
  60. Amanda Couvaras You do an incredible job.
    I would not be so kind. I would block the complainers 🙂 let them start their own group.…See More
  61. Claudine Moodley Massive Thank You for what you so passionately do and sorry for what you guys have to deal with ❤️🤗
  62. Emma Trenholm I can’t thank Adi Pollock enough for Recommending this site. I ❤️ it & appreciate all the time & effort that goes into a project such as this. Thank you.
  63. Julia Richardson I did, it was eye opening and beautifully written. I had to keep going back to the post to finish, as it is long. But so glad I made the effort.
  64. Cheryl Eltringham SO grateful for ALL you do for our Community. Most especially for the considered and positive way in which you approach every issue. It is thoroughly appreciated and I have no doubt that you don’t hear that enough. So… please accept this huge THANK YOU from me today 🌻🌻🌻
  65. Roosevelt Sokhulu Keep up the great work guys, there will unfortunately always be detractors, focus on the bigger picture and the good that you do.
  66. Elanor Beattie Thank you! This is a wonderful group!!!!
  67. Breezy Brian Dubé Thank you kindly, forward we go and together we grow 🤗
  68. Molly Freeman-Benatar Thank you so much
  69. John Ferreira Thank you much appreciated
  70. Norma Jooste Thank you 😊
  71. Sandi Harvey van Niekerk This is an amazing group! Thank you for all that you do, it is HUGELY appreciated by the majority of the members.
  72. Sandi Thompson Thank you! 🌸
  73. Catherine Mcmillan Brilliant group – very informative 👍🏻
  74. Bronwyn De Bruyn Thank you.🙏
  75. Tracy Otto Thank you for everything your team does. We all appreciate the enormous effort you put into keeping this page alive.
  76. Chante Lottering The problem sometimes is that people only get in contact to complain but never to say well done! So well done you guys are amazing!
  77. Ina-Lu Muresan Carolyn, Jenny, Gustav, you are the Fourways Angels, true superheroes. More than 58000 people joined ILF and in a record time I must add. You united them and you keep them united. Your work tells their every day story with the good and the bad. Maybe you should let the criticising posts out in the open …. You are much loved and appreciated!
  78. Annie Courtenay Thank you for your hard work and congratulations for this wonderful group
  79. Lisa Stanley Thank you for staying with this initiative even when it is arduous. Haters gotta hate, it takes courage to keep going
  80. Linda Mulder I’m really sorry you are going through this. Please forgive those detractors , some people are impossible to please. Take heart, know you are valuable, are doing a good job and please don’t give up.Well done team. We do appreciate your task. You have to develop a thick skin which I know is extremely difficult. Go on going on and a big(huge) gift of gratitude . Well done💑
  81. David Shelton Well I for one think you do an awesome job and provide us all with an excellent platform . You have been fantastic with helping The Cedar Square Vintage Market in association with S.A Guide Dogs to get the coverage it needs so thank you to each and every admin or moderator on the group .
  82. Bella Shaw Great job thank you ☺️
  83. Ros Barnard Thank you for your efforts!
  84. Shirley O’Keeffe Le Roux Thank you for the selfless work you do, we are very appreciative of it. You do make a difference in all of our lives
  85. Nobuhle Nkomo Thank you – very informative
  86. Bernadine Bereschaut Thank you Carolyn and all admin for taking time away from your families for this group so people can post to improve their business, for the people who are jobless, for the owners that have lost their animals, those that need homes for the animals and for sending info on crime. I love this group so thanks for your dedication, time and effort and for listening to people’s moans. Much appreciated 🤗
  87. Venetia Butler Your efforts and hard work are deeply appreciated and it is a reminder to be grateful and thank you for this we so take for granted.
  88. Janet Dalton You guys are super amazing…pls carry on
  89. Jackie Scott Thomas Awesome job. 😍😍😍
  90. Zelda Reyneke I love and appreciate all that you do and I learn so much about my community and surrounds through this group! 💙 Thank you!
  91. Arlene Cloete Wow Penny.. such a well written post. I love this forum. A thought always crosses my mind when I post something and it is ‘pending’ for approval .. .. how many posts do you guys need to read everyday🙈. Well done on running a very effective group.
  92. Markham Batstone Your doing a good job, unfortunately along with the positive comes the negatives, and I include myself in that statement. One way of looking at it is to understand that some people just express themselves differently, Pressure at work, pressure at home…See More
  93. Kristeen Coubrough O’Kelly Thank you for the great job you are doing
  94. Chantelle Stoikof Dear Admin, You guys are hero’s for what you have achieved in this group and community from the small projects to the mammoth ones, I give you respect for doing this tedious job day in and day out. People in general don’t understand how hard it is sometimes but there are a lot of us that do notice. Keep on keeping on! Not all hero’s wear capes!
  95. Barbara Clarke Thank you all for the amazing job that you do. Keep up the great work
  96. Jeanine Osborne Szeles People are entitled … no right to chase you … you guys do a great job keeping us informed, thank you 😊
  97. Louise Ynclan The ILF group is one of the best and most interactive community groups, without a doubt! Great job guys! You ROCK! 💙💙
  98. Andrew Stark I appreciate what you guys do…from reading the comments so far, I’m not alone. Thank you.
  99. Michelle Loftus Thank you for all your hard work, I appreciate it and it does not go unnoticed
  100. Jannike Natalie Ferreira Extremely well written. Bravo and for all the work you guys do too! Amazing initiative!
  101. Peta Clark So well done. It’s a fabulous site and extremely informative. Your work is appreciated by so many. Those that always moan are so unhappy within themselves and probably don’t do anything for others . That’s their modus operandi only. Try to ignore them.. as difficult as it is after all your amazing efforts
  102. Cheryl Ann Campbell Penny, You guys do an amazing job- Thank you for all your hard work & commitment . We greatly appreciate all you do. 💜💐💜
  103. Lynette Botha Carolyn and Gustav… You rock 👍 Sincerely thank you 🙏This forum is the only reason I have a presence on FB
  104. Nina Maritz Yes you do rock without you we would be so much worse off thank you
  105. Linda Ncube Nkomo Thank you for your dedication
  106. Carin Faulkner Amazing job, don’t let anyone tell you different. You and the team should feel very proud of what you have created and how much you support this community. Stay strong.
  107. Noach Tan You are all doing an amazing job, and I for one am truly grateful! I don’t even link my work e mails to my phone due to the bombardments! You all do this for the community, and Should not have to deal with negativity… Thank you very very much on my behalf 🙏🙏 you are fantastic 🏆
  108. Sue Williams Please dont let the Detractors get to you and the team, some of us know who they are and why they behave this way.
    Your good work, growth, and success is in their or his face. Trolls will be set up to constantly have a go at you and each time I would try to.see it as a compliment.
    Thank you for all you do, never stop, and wishing you success
  109. Ashley-Amber Ward-Burns You guys are the heart 💙 and soul 💎 of the people who make up our precious community.
  110. Tracey MacNair You guys rock🌟👏
  111. Fiona Seed This is the best group ever. Thanks for much for all you do. It really is appreciated by so many people.
  112. Michelle Rossouw I appreciate everything that you and your team does for us. Please ignore the trolls. We love you💙
  113. Grozdana Strbac Johnson Thank you for the selfless things you do for our community. You guys rock!
  114. Wendy Strumpher-McMenemey I wouldn’t do your job for all the tea in China so thank you to you and your admin team.
  115. Cheryl Nondumiso Hlabane We appreciate you. ♥️
  116. Yvette Raaths Thanks for giving your best❤️
  117. Dalene Davies This is such an awesome page, being a woman alone and new to the area, I get all my info from the awesome people on here, please don’t let some people spoil it for the rest of us, you doing an amazing job and favor to us that appreciate you completely
  118. Vanessa Steinfort Jackson Thank you for all your effort! It cant be easy by any stretch to contend with all you do on a daily basis. This is an incredible platform, so well done for all that is put in to make it tick! Grateful for individuals like you! 🙏
  119. Fehmida Wally Thank you for an amazing job and all the dedication ❤️
  120. Lanice Bartholomew Whitcomb You guys rock…thank you for all the hours and endless dedication to making our community safe and successful…You are very much appreciated 🤩
  121. Andrea Justine Thom Thanking you for your tireless, thankless effort and commitment!!!! I 💙FW
  122. Dawn Eaton You guys do an awesome job. Be brave, be proud, be happy, and ignore the whiners. Thank you guys!!!
  123. Mandi Fuller Well done to you and your team! Blessed to have people like you in our society.
  124. Glenda Hay Thank you. It saddened me to read about those inconsiderate people who don’t appreciate what you all do. People forget that you have a life and other commitments. Hopefully this gets through to them. 🤗
  125. Ruth Shabalala Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. We appreciate it so much.💙
  126. Mildred Bodenstaff Thank you for caring so much.
  127. Jako Poolman Thank you to you and your team. Maybe the rest of us don’t say it enough to drown out the voices of the critics, the complainers, the wailers, the conspiracy theorists, the anger anglers and instigators. But please know, there are a silent majority that support the amazingly awesome job you are doing. Thank you!
  128. Carla Jade Nienaber We 💙 FW and we 💙 YOU!
  129. Linda Nortier Thank you so much for all you do. I love this group and learn a lot from it. Please remember dealing with public is not always easy. There are some people that can never be satisfied……just ignore them. 👍🏻💞
  130. Colleen Patricia Bird Thank you guys for everything you do. Try not to be upset by the awful people but rather uplifted by the good people. We need you and we love you and we thank you for everything. God bless. 🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹💋💋💕💕💋💋🌹🙏🙏
  131. Dillon Knox Just keep doing you. It’s been good so far so why change now? Guaranted there are more people who are willing to support the admins, those who berate and fume against you simply dont have anything better to do. So relax, take a step back and remember to never stress the small things
  132. Carol Stavrou Thank you for you for all you guys do. It is appreciated. Just a suggestion, maybe you need more admins to help run the page and maybe you need to let people know why you haven’t approved their post. This will help them understand what content is not acceptable.
  133. Jacky du Plessis THANK YOU for everything, it is as simple as that.
  134. Rani Naidoo Well done 👏 appreciated
  135. Lisa Omahoney Well I for one hugely appreciate the ILF page! This is no easy task! Thank you! to you both and the incredible team. I love this group. Sending you big hugs x
  136. Elonka Reuss thank you
  137. Sandy Ashworth Thank you for your time and dedication. You have big hearts. Much appreciated 🙏😊
  138. Desiree Jones You are doing an amazing job. I am constantly dismayed at how aggressive people are on social media and think twice before commenting on anything.
  139. Lorna Potgieter-Rossetti Thank you for the brilliant work you do for us all

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