This morning, Gustav Penny ILF Admin and Fourways community member experienced an extraordinary encounter… Read what he posted to find out what happened…

Hi Guys, decided to go for a walk four weeks after having an op on my hip. As I got to the Kingfisher Park I noticed what looked like a bag and didn’t really take much notice. Did my lap with my Jack Russell and on my way out decided to take a closer look. I shouted out “hello” and to my amazement, the sack on the ground responded. I asked if he was cold and wanted anything and at first said he was fine. I then offered again and said are you hungry and he said yes, so I set off to the Caltex. I asked Gift to look after my dog while I got some food and tea and set back to this poor fellow. He was delighted with what I had given him and asked him how long he’d be staying there… He said most often here but also stays at another location. What can we do to help this man?”

In true I Love Fourways style.

Storm Joanie Austen “my business is located close to krugersdorp, I can offer him work and shelter , I will need to know what size he is for his uniform so I can go buy it….”

Charles Byrne “We brought him a blanket and gave him a quick check up and some food Will follow up. Will organize him some shoes. EMER-G-MED

Where possible, always remember to be kind and remember that one small thing can make a persons day!

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