Write Up by Liandi Moodley
Have you googled vampire facial images? Omg DON’T! They are incredibly intimidating and according to the latest technology and research – unnecessary! I will explain why below but basically I went for a PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatment at Age Smart Medical Aesthetic Centre in Bryanston.  PRP is the tech term for the vampire facial. They draw your own blood, spin it in a centrifuge to separate the “platelet rich” plasma from the blood and then using ‘Microneedling’ – they put that “juice” back into your skin. The “juice” is enriched with the body’s natural growth factors which enhance and stimulate the natural production of elastin and collagen. This treatment does it at an intensity that no product or treatment can compete with and this creates the most incredible results for anti-aging.
This treatment is also for skin conditions such as pigmentation, acne scarring, alopecia, traction Alopecia and more.
I was so surprised by the treatment because of what I had researched. I expected pain and certainly some down-time, meaning time off work and not showing my face in public, even at Woolies.
I went in and the nursing sister drew my blood which was probably the “worst” part in terms of pain. While my blood was spinning in the centrifuge my skin was prepped and the specialist took me through my skin concerns, my expectations and my process going forward.
Once the blood was spun, the specialist showed me the platelet rich plasma & drew it out from the test tube.
Then the process started with needling the serum back into my skin, at minimum depth, causing controlled trauma to the skin.  The PRP enters the skin & working its magic. It was not sore at all – an eyebrow wax is worse for sure. I couldn’t believe it.
A growth factor sheet mask was applied after the treatment which calmed the slight red I had…
I left looking like a million bucks and I cannot wait to have my next one. My main target areas are pigmentation on my forehead, crows feet  & my neck looks like a turkey even at 33.
The PRP originated from the medical profession and is used a lot in repairing injured or damaged muscle, tissue & ligaments. It is even used in advanced dentistry. Lucky for us the exact principle can be applied to skincare with the best results.
For more info or to book yours call 011 463 9340/1.

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