Tarryn MacLennan shared this awesome story with our ILF Group and we can’t stop thinking about Rosy!!!

Meet the oldest female Comrades runner for 2019 and she’s a Fourways community member!

Her name is Rosina Sebati (loved and known as Rosy). Rosy is 70 years old and she will be running her 10th Comrades Marathon this year (with 7 medals), and admirably, she is the oldest female runner doing the race this year. Rosy’s passion for running started at a very young age when she was still at school and represented Transvaal in running races. Unfortunately she was not able to pursue her dream of running professionally and only seriously reignited her passion again from the age of 60. Since then, she does her best to attend every marathon in South Africa including the Comrades and Two Oceans. This will be her 10th Comrades run and she’s looking fit and ready! Rosy often comes home with winnings from her races, this year she came third in the Two Oceans Marathon in her age group.

Rosy has worked as a domestic lady for a Fourways family for 37 years and lives with them in Dainfern Valley. She loves the security of the estate and wakes up every morning at 5am to run for 2 hours to make sure she is practiced and strong. She saves every month to ensure she can always afford a good pair of running shoes. She has dedicated her life to the family that she works for, helping to raise 2 girls and at the age of 70 she still chooses to work full time in the house. She is a real animal lover and adores their menagerie of pets. The family she works for says she’s part of their family, they love her very much and are always so proud of her achievements. They support all of her dreams and they have ensured she is on a good medical aid and that she always travels to these big events comfortably and safely, she loves flying on planes and staying in the hotels with her running club friends. Rosy achieved her dream of meeting Bruce Fordyce a few years ago and she has made lifelong friendships through the club she runs for, Rand Athletic Club (RAC).

Amazingly, she never has a stiff muscle after a marathon and she refuses to spend time resting. She always says “you’re never too old to start running” and she’s proving us that she’s right! This incredible lady is determined and positive about life – it looks like nothing will stop her!  

The Fourways community is proud of you Rosy!!!

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