A couple of weeks ago we were at the Kingfisher petrol station chatting to one of the attendants called Gift about I Love Fourways. He was such a bubbly guy that we ended up standing with him for ages showing him the group, the people on it and the difference the group is making to so many peoples lives and we encouraged Gift to join the group. As we drove away I felt sad as so many intelligent and  talented South Africans never get the opportunity to explore their dreams.

Gift is special, honestly he has an amazing voice that grabs your attention! If you take 2 seconds to chat to him you can see this man has big dreams but little resources to follow them. Today Monika Kostrzewski posted to the group saying

“I need your help. I was just at the petrol station here at Kingfisher Fourways. There is a petrol attendant that has the most beautiful voice, a voice for radio!!!! How can I make this guys dream come true???? He said I am not the first one to comment about his voice…”

I knew immediately it had to be Gift and we had to reach out to the group.

If you know someone who knows someone who could point Gift in the right direction, please help, we would love to help make Gifts dreams come true, he is going to be famous!


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