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Spring has always been the season of change, the season of hope and season of growth and rebirth. From the first smell of jasmine in the air, the first sign of the peach blossoms on the trees, our spirits lift, and we begin to dream of the warmer days to come.

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In all honesty, this year, we are all feeling that things will be better in the Spring!

Much like a good clean up in your house after the long winter months, your garden too deserves a good spring clean.

When preparing your spring garden, you can use the simple steps below to create a wonderful landscape:


You will need to begin with cleaning out your garden, ridding it of weeds, and leaves that may have fallen into the beds. The leaves however can also be worked into the beds to act as a compost.

  1. PRUNE

By removing dead foliage off your plants, trees and shrubs, you allow for the opportunity for new growth. Just remember that it will take a bit of time to recover after being pruned. You can remove the dead heads off the flowers which will encourage new and thicker growth.


It is recommended that your lawn be scarified during spring. This assists in removing excessive lawn or thatching. The grass will not look its best at first but don’t let that alarm you, it will have a much better growth thereafter! After scarifying you may notice imperfections in the level of your lawn, you can use lawn dressing to level this out.


It is ideal to put down lawn dressing and compost upon the arrival of the first rains. The lawn dressing and compost requires plenty watering. You must just bear in mind that laying lawn dressing raises the level of your lawn so should you not require to do this, it is recommended that you fertilize your lawn with LAN (Limestone Ammonium Nitrate) which will give you an instant boost. Slower release fertilizers can be used throughout the year.


You can begin to plant seeds and plants in your garden. It is recommended to plant perennials as these are not required to be replanted every year. You will be investing in the future of your garden. Please also consider waterwise and indigenous plants.

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