As of the 26th April 2019, on behalf of Rocking For Rhinos, R4R founder Gareth Putter will be living on top of a 16-meter high scaffold tower for a full month at the Montecasino Bird Gardens in Fourways, challenging corporate South Africa as well as individuals worldwide to get involved in the fight against Rhino poaching!

“Our aim is to raise R3 Million plus for Rhino conservation in South Africa. We will be live-streaming the Rhino Tower live-in so that people from around the world can follow our story day by day.”

Rocking For Rhinos is a conservation orientated event production company that puts on extravagant events such as music festivals, art exhibitions and auctions with the sole purpose of raising funds in support of our selected beneficiaries doing rhino conservation related work.

Gareth Putter says “I was living in Fourways, Johannesburg, working as a tattoo artist in 2011 when I first caught wind of the Rhino poaching issue that was on the rise in our country. Having been a field guide for a few years after finishing school I have always been passionate about wildlife and the natural world in general. Seeing what was happening to our Rhino made me extremely sad as well as angry and ignited a passion in me to make a stand for these incredible animals. After giving up on an idea to cycle from Kenya to Cape Town to raise awareness for Rhino conservation, I decided instead to hold a music Festival and call it Rocking For Rhinos.

In 2012, alongside a few other passionate people and friends, we created the NPO known as Rocking For Rhinos in Hoedspruit, South Africa. After hosting many festivals and events since 2012, it is my dream and my life’s goal to continue working for Rocking For Rhinos and wildlife conservation in general. I truly believe that as adults and fairly intelligent individuals it is our biggest responsibility and indeed our duty to start standing up for  wildlife atrocities around the world.

We need to set an example for our children of what is right and wrong in this world and I believe it starts with showing them how special and important nature is to us and the planet as a whole.”

Rocking For Rhinos aims to raise a minimum of R3 million for rhino conservation in South Africa by challenging corporates to spend an “Hour Up The Tower” for a fee of R10 000. The general public will be able to ascend the tower to the four-metre platform at a donation of R20 per child and R150 per adult. Any member of the public can also ascend the tower to meet Gareth for a fee of R5 000.

Rocking For Rhinos will be live-streaming the Rhino Tower ‘live-in’ to allow supporters around the world to follow the story day by day.

Mike Page, Operations Director and General Manager of Montecasino, who have provided the venue for Putter’s campaign over the coming 30 days, says, “Through the Montecasino Bird Gardens, we deliver on our passionate commitment to preserving our wildlife heritage, and helping to ensure that future generations experience all that it has to offer. The single-minded work that Rocking for Rhinos is doing connects perfectly with the work being done by Montecasino Bird Gardens, which is involved in a number of conservation initiatives, such as a project to safeguard the Ground Hornbill. We hope that the tower at Montecasino Bird Gardens will contribute to increased awareness of the horrors of rhino poaching and raise funds for this worthy cause, and we are proud to host Gareth Putter for his month in the tower.”

For sponsorship opportunities please e-mail [email protected] or contact Gareth on 0732377269.
Proceeds from this activation will go towards facilitating the following beneficiaries:
Protrack Rhino Task Team, Saving The Survivors, The Black Mambas, Pit-Track, Flying 4 Rhino and Conservation Trust.

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