Less than one kilometer from Monte Casino in the heart of Fourways lies this dilapidated excuse for a kid’s park. I don’t know why but when I walk around this park I feel as if I am in a scene from Terminator 2 Judgement Day.

I remember the day they launched the park in Fourways around 30 years ago, it was possibly one of the most exciting events the area had seen at that time. Anyone who grew up in the area will remember that day or how all the kids of the neighborhood played at this park. What was then a kids splash fountain has over the years become a graffiti decorated skate park which is barely used. Two walls are what remains of the junior maze, the tunnels and pathways that were once a little bike track are now hazardous as metal rods poke out of the tunnels and bricks lie loose along the path. The remaining play equipment is either broken, bent, rusted or dangerous. Concrete blocks have been left in the ground from play equipment that has long since been removed. There were picnic tables and benches for families to sit around, what is left is rusted and broken. The ground is covered with thorns and cigarette butts. It almost looks like it should have been condemned years ago…

The Park is well supported by dog owners in the area and has almost taken on the name of the Fourways Dog Park as the playground has long since been forgotten. It is an absolute disgrace that this is where children in the area are expected to play.

Lonehill park has been rejuvenated successfully into a safe destination for families, kid’s parties, and events, why does Fourways park remain in this state? What do we need to do to change this?

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