Over the past year we have broadcast uncountable alerts to the community about the crime that has been hitting our area. We have all felt helpless and scared as we watch the growing number of incidents and wonder how we can protect ourselves and our families. Crime is increasing and we have to take every measure to protect ourselves and our families. As South Africans we spend thousands of rands a year securing our homes against invasions however we are vulnerable the second we leave.

The I Love Fourways App is based around easy access to local information but its key feature is a built in app that provides a panic button that can be used anywhere within our 6KM radius.

The I Love Fourways Panic Button is Powered by Aura. Aura form the backbone technology to most independently run Panic apps in SA. This feature is similar to UBER, through Geo location this feature will offer real time, direct access to private armed response. Key local responders in Fourways have teamed up to offer this service to the community. When you hit the panic button a notification will be sent to the nearest armed response vehicle who will get to you within minutes.

We believe that the panic button will be revolutionary in assisting the crime issue in our area, all major responders in Fourways were given the opportunity to get involved in this project and we would like to thank all the armed responders who have come on board to assist in the protection of the community outside of their homes. With their help we will be able to build a stronger and safer community for Fourways.

Click Here to Download the I Love Fourways app and subscribe to the panic app. The Aura panic app will be offered to the Fourways community FREE for 30 days.

The Aura Panic Subscription is an independently run service by Aura.

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    The Emmarentia Residents Association Security Committee would love to speak to someone from Fourways about what it took to get security companies to agree to responding to Fourways residents using a common smartphone panic button app. Please drop Geraldine an email at [email protected]. Thank you!

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