RE: Fourways Road Infrastructure Upgrade

Fourways Mall’s developers would like to clarify the road infrastructure upgrades currently happening around the centre. On Witkoppen Road, the contract associated with the mall includes the upgrades and widening of the intersections at Douglas Drive, Kingfisher Road, Cedar Road and William Nicol that feed into Witkoppen. These upgrades are being funded by the developers to assist the community and are in excess of R280 million.

In addition to the road upgrades, adjacent to the mall you will see a new fly over that is currently being constructed. This will create direct access into the centre’s new multi-level parkade, thus assisting with the access and egress points which are currently only off Fourways Boulevard, and alleviate the pressure on the home ward run up Cedar Road.

The current Gautrans road upgrades on Cedar Road, are not part of the Fourways Mall expansion project. This is a Provincial Roads Agency upgrade that is taking place at the same time with the same contractors. The way in which council has approached these upgrades, is in our opinion the correct method and the least impact of the traffic flow is affected. As the alternative, these Gautrans works could have been undertaken with a very drawn out process, with only closing one lane at a time the impact would have been much worse.

WSP is the appointed civil engineering company for both projects to ensure that they can run concurrently and be completed on a tighter schedule.

The end collaborative result is to benefit the road infrastructure as an asset for the area. Fourways Mall Management is assisting the community and trying to alleviate the traffic congestion, by appointing traffic points men at peak traffic times.

Issued by: Fourways Mall on behalf of the Developers and Professional Team


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