In closing and highlighting the efforts made for the Knysna Fires 2017, the ILF Team would like to make special mentions to the following people and organisations…

Firstly, to Lanice Whitcomb from The Stables Village Market… Your devotion and determination towards this drive was amazing! You were unstoppable and made sure that every base was covered. Thank you for your time and efforts you put into this incredible initiative! You are a wonderful person!

To Broadacres Spar! This Spar is like home to the locals and whoever else frequents this store! The smiling faces that always recognize and greet you makes every shopping experience a pleasure. The Owners and staff members of the store assisted the hundreds of donations and ensured they were kept safely in their store room for collection. They were so generous to allow us this space and to take the responsibility of receiving these massive donations. Thank you so much Broadacres Spar, you never seize to amaze us!

To the incredible man and his logistics company who chose to remain anonymous, who filled two massive trucks and delivered them to Knysna! You are a truly special human being! Thank you so much for your amazing efforts!

To all the people who donated money, food and clothing for the people and animals of Knysna, you are so incredible! Thank you to every single person in our country that did their bit to help where they could! We are an unbelievable country and our hearts are full knowing how we have all stood together during this terrible time!

Thank you Fourways, Thank you South Africa! You are the best!

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