The complaints on ILF about Food Lovers Market have been hard to ignore, there have been several incidents reported about the food that have been some of the most trending topics on the group. The ILF team decided to make an unannounced visit to the store last week. Our plan was to walk around the store take pictures of the products that had passed their sell by dates, wilting and rotten produce as well as misprinted labels…yes we read all the complaints. We would then approach Food Lovers and give them an opportunity to respond and find a way to resolve the issue.

We arrived at the store, the construction around the store is heavy, the escalators don’t work (haven’t for a long time), there is no tiling outside the store and there is dust everywhere however when we walked inside Food Lovers we were surprised at how clean the store was, everything was well organised and well merchandised. We hunted around for expired labels but found nothing. We scrutinized the fish counter sniffing for bad odours…but there was nothing. In fact, the food looked amazing and we ended up buying lunch before we left…. this really was not the dusty, decrepit store we had expected.

Food Lovers Market have acknowledged the complaints on ILF and said “we are grateful to the customers for bringing this to our attention. It is simply unacceptable”

The constant building has brought more strain than they anticipated, these challenges created a despondency in the store that become hard to manage. The issues that came up on the ILF group have been addressed at the highest level and disciplinary action has been taken where necessary. Fruit and vegetables are sourced locally through local farmers, they have a strict 3 day turn around policy, they have heightened their quality controls, increased mandatory floor inspections by management and implemented stringent disciplinary actions for not following procedure.

Food Lovers has been in operation in Fourways for 10 years and has been responsible for the employment of 100 staff members for most of that time however the construction around the store made it harder to access and they were forced to reduce their staff to 80. The store remains active in the community sponsoring soup kitchens, schools and supporting local farming projects. They have no doubt that when the Fourways Mall project is complete that they will be in a position to generate more employment for the community again. They have exciting plans for the store and incredible projects in line for the community.

“Our store is built on our loyal customers so it is important to us that they feel comfortable within the store, and able to communicate issues that they may experience. We have heard these complaints and we have adopted a new “fresh” approach to quality. We have noted and understand the importance of having a good quality product at a good price on offer for our customers, and that good customer service/ liaisons go hand in hand with this. Should customers ever experience anything other than good service I urge you to please let me know and we will resolve this.”

Food Lovers has acknowledged that they have been at fault, they have taken the necessary actions to correct this and are committed to proving that they are a valuable establishment to the Fourways community.


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