What looks like a Tsunami disaster, this poor family was taken by a burst water pipe storm, literally destroying their home and all their belongings. A pipe that has been worked on (what is said to be a year) EXPLODED on the 9th May at 12:45 in the morning creating this unbelievable devastation. A husband and wife, their two daughters aged 8 and 14 and their 3 dogs thought there was a hurricane and they were going to die.

As the pipe was an on going repair, there were large rocks, building rubble and sand along with the water that crashed down on their home, collapsing the roof and smashing the windows. Everything, including their car was destroyed.

The neighbors heard the commotion and came out to rescue this poor family and their 3 dogs with their only exit being over the wall.  Thank heavens they were not injured!

They have been given somewhere to stay but have lost everything else and we are appealing to everyone in the community to please step up and help out where possible? The family are moving in August due to work and are happy to borrow furniture until then.

They have just been let down by their insurance company and haven’t even got beds to sleep in! Lets see if we can at least get this family some sleep this weekend!

They need kitchen appliances, furniture, beds, linen, heaters and any other items you feel may assist them to rebuild their home again.

You are welcome to drop off these items at Unit 114 Talavera Estate Craigavon or you can call Chay White on 082 309 6763 to make arrangements!

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