So those who travel the Cedar Road route have all been facing the same nightmare every day for weeks now! As if the general delays in the area aren’t bad enough, the lights on Cedar Road are CONSTANTLY out and this is not only blood boiling for each of us, but its really bad for our area. People all over talk about it all the time! Anyway, the main reason I am writing this post is to acknowledge the chaps who are voluntarily managing the traffic at the intersection of Cedar Road and Witkoppen… If it wasn’t for them, we’d be having a very unhappy time… These guys are not getting paid for this, they have just noticed how bad the situation is and have taken it upon themselves to get involved and help! I would like to come up with some way of rewarding these guys for their efforts in helping us get around… Any ideas of what we could do…?

I wasn’t able to take pics the other night as it was too dark but Keleigh-Ché Zukor‎ did so I have added them to this post. Thank you Keleigh for sharing your post!



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