We received an absolutely heart breaking horror story on the I Love Fourways Group and we would like to appeal to the community to please assist if possible. All the details are featured below.

We as a team and community would like to express our sincerest condolences to the family. We will do what we can to help! Love, light and strength to you!

Here is the story:

“Good day ILF,

Lwandi Mbebe (former colleague) and his wife Nombuso Mbebe were brutally attacked in a home invasion in our community, a few weeks ago.

The couple was on their patio when a group of armed men broke into their house. Despite complying and begging not to be harmed both Lwandi and Noms were mercilessly shot.

Lwandi suffered a bullet wound to his eye and miraculously survived the ordeal.

Nom’s life was taken, far too soon, leaving her beautiful two-year-old daughter without her mother.

A senseless brutal crime.

Nom’s warm smile and laugh were infectious and she wore them well and generously often enough to lift the mood in any room.

Lwandi is without health insurance and need of multiple surgeries, to retrieve debris from his neck, spinal column, brain and eye.

Lwandi is a professional videographer and photographer, the loss of his eye is a devastating blow to his career and livelihood.

Funds raised will cover essential costs while Lwandi recovers from surgery and to cover costs of the multiple surgeries needed.

To make your donation please refer to the link below:

*How Funds Will Be Transferred*

Funds will need to be withdrawn and transferred out of US, given the regulations of GoFundMe. When setting up the campaign Jared Carneson wasn’t aware of this.

Jason will also be posting a notice of transfers in the updates section as and when these take place.

Thank you all for your kindness and generosity.

Source: Jared Carneson – love and light to you for the initiative.”

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