This was recently published by I have a Name about an inspirational lady whose talents were originally discovered and marketed on I Love Fourways who is still within the Fourways Community making the most beautiful dog beds, table cloths and picnic blankets

I was out jogging with my ridgeback last week ( they are the best running partners! ) and as I came up the hill I noticed a lady, her arms full with a heavy load. It was early and cold and I wondered why she was walking along the road with her arms full. As I got closer I saw that she was carrying doggy blankets of all colours and sizes. She gave me a cheery greeting and I stopped for a little chat and to catch my breath, (hills are killer in the freezing air).

“ Would you like to buy one for your dog?” she asked

It was actually something I had just mentioned to my family – the need for some new doggy beds. I told her where I lived and that if she walked there I’d be done my little running route around in the next 20 minutes and that I would love to buy a bed or two of her.
I thought she looked familiar, but when I asked her name and heard her answer, I thought “wow what are the chances! “
“My name is Constance…and I make dog beds with my son…”
Turns out that I met Constance in Fourways 2 years ago and featured her on the page. Since then I had moved houses and neighbourhoods. The fact that our paths would cross again early one wintery morning in a different part of town was a fortunate stroke of serendipity.
When I showed her the post from 2017 she laughed and hugged me like an old friend! “Please put me on facebook again!” she asked.

Constance’s number is still the same at 084 794 1988

How you can help:
Do your doggy and yourself a favour and give her a call…she also has lovely picnic blankets – we still use the one I bought from her very often and it is still as good as new!

Here the post from 2017

Contact: Constance’s number: 084 794 1988

Please consider supporting Constance if you are in the market for a beautiful dog bed, picnic blankets as well as other products.

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