After yesterday’s disaster with the traffic on Cedar Road the I Love Fourways team requested a meeting with Jodan Construction. While we could not get all our questions answered immediately this is what we have established.


  • There is apparently a notification in circulation regarding the upgrades. We are unsure of the distribution of this notification however it is apparently in existence.


  • While there is currently no signage they have ordered signs indicating completion date which should be available in the next few days.


  • Why didn’t they start in April when the roads where quieter and the schools were on holiday? They were not ready.
  • Why did you start on the same day as the private schools went back? They unfortunately did not take the school holidays into account.


The roads are being handled in different phases.

  • Cedar Road: Uranium to Lombardy is being resurfaced and widened. The overall completion is expected to be December 2017.
  • Cedar Road: Witkoppen to Uranium is being resurfaced and is expected to be complete in 4 weeks time.
  • Witkoppens new flyover – this is a different contract that is being handled by Fourways Mall so they were unable to comment on its progress


  • We have expressed concern over the lack of access to Life Hospital in case of an emergency, they have established a potential alternative access route but need approval on this. We will communicate this ASAP.


  • While there are currently pointsmen at certain robots along Cedar they will be arranging additional pointsmen at all robots at peak times.

The traffic issues make moving around Fourways very difficult but the long term result should relieve the pressure in the area. Cedar will have double lanes as well as a pedestrian walk.

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