This story was posted to the ILF group by Joy Evans it is an original article from “I Have a Name”. Is this true? Do shopping centers really profit off the poor. We would love to hear what the shopping centers have to say about this.

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Joy Evans ” Does anyone know if this is actually true for most shopping centres? Do car guards have to pay such a high % of their minuscule earnings or a daily fee as high as R50-R70 back to the centres!? ?”

I Have a Name

I’m happy to share my story…but please don’t take my picture – I don’t want to lose my job…

Joseph is a car guard at Northgate . His open helpful attitude with a smile made me want to know a little more about him.

“I came to Johannesburg from Botswana 2 years ago . There are not enough jobs back home . I wanted to make something of myself – to be the first in my family to rise up above our circumstances. I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit . From when I was a little boy, I used to sell things like drinks and food at sports games, or lend my friends money and charge some interest.

I knew one person in Joburg. Three days before I arrived he told me that when I arrived I should catch a taxi to Cresta and to come the Spar because that is where he worked. I was overwhelmed when I got off at Park station – so many people , colours, smells, noises, and large buildings – I had never been in a city this big before. I finally found the right taxi and thankfully found my friend in Cresta .

Finding work was not easy. I worked for a construction company in Cosmo – but I have asthma and all the building dust aggravated it. ‘

I ask him what being a car guard is like

‘ It brings in enough money to support my family back home – I have a wife and two children in Botswana . I suppose my biggest wish would be to be able to get a drivers license- because with a license I can hopefully find a better job – that’s my goal.’

I ask him how much he makes and if he has to pay to work at Northgate

“We get 40% of what we earn from tips every day . We have to hand over the other 60%”
Joseph’s number is 0848744875

How you can help
1. Is anyone willing to help Joseph obtain his driver’s license?
2. Can anyone offer Joseph a better job?

( Joseph agreed to let me take a picture of him from the back to include with the story. He didn’t want to get in trouble for sharing his story publically)


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