Join Montecasino on 6 and 7 March on the Promotions stage to show your support for cancer. Shave or spray-colour your hair, or simply make a donation.

CANSA Shavathon is one of South Africa’s best-loved events in support of a very worthy cause, namely showing solidarity with those affected by cancer. Losing one’s hair is a common side-effect of cancer therapy – so shaving your head has become a symbolic gesture of support for cancer Survivors. Colouring your hair or paying a Bail Out Fee have become options for those who prefer not to shave, or who can’t shave on the day. For those who like to be actively engaged and to make a difference, Shavathon embraces volunteers. Their support is invaluable.

2020 – their 17th Shavathon

This is their 17th national CANSA Shavathon, independently managed by CANSA staff and volunteers, and they can’t wait to see you there! Show your support by bringing your loved ones along – the options are endless – you can shave, spray or stencil your hair, OR do all 3!

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