Please be careful there is a buck on the loose from the Norscot Koppies & Kingfisher Nature Reserve. It was last seen around the Kingfisher Witkoppen intersection. Please let us know if you see the buck as it will need to be darted if it has not returned to the Koppies tomorrow. We have been in contact with the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital and this is the advice we have been given.

NightGuard who have dealt with this issue in the past have also agreed to keep an eye on the situation.

Thank you Luke Wilhelm for bringing this to everyone’s attention

A deer got loose out of the bird sanctuary on Kingfisher road. It was just standing in the middle of witkoppen looking extremely lost. Can anybody help this buddy? I don’t want him to get knocked over. I know it’s late. But somebody who deals with that sanctuary should be told. Can anyone help? I’d do it myself but I was in a rush.

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