Do you ever wonder what things in life make us feel good? Yes sure there are many things but there are some things that we simply cannot live without and one of those things is PLANTS! Plants not only provide us with oxygen, food and shelter but they are known to change your mood and energy. By simply placing a bunch of flowers or a pot plant on your desk, you will be surprised at the positive impact it has on your daily progress and emotions. Being in a stale environment can be extremely draining but adding some life to your surrounds can change everything!

If you look at this picture, how does this make you feel?

Now look at this picture, how does this make you feel?

Whether you have ample garden space or non whatsoever, GardenShop Broadacres are hosting a talk by Ricky and his team from Vicinity Greenwalls to show you how to create your own vertical garden! A vertical garden is suitable for any home, even if you live a in small apartment! 
There will be incredible give ways on the day as well as discounts on the starter kits for your amazing project! You really don’t want to miss this!
Vicinity vertical gardens are easy, simple, smart and versatile and they add a really magnificent decorative aspect to your home!

Should you wish to attend this event, please click here to confirm your attendance.

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