“I signed up with Body20 Cedar Square a year ago and I have to say, the results speak for themselves!
Within my first month of training I already felt my core was much stronger and fitness levels were way up.

My first session was really tough and I had to stop before the end of the session, but now I find myself giving it my everything for the 20 minute session, whether it be a cardio or a strength session.

I am currently prepping for a fitness show called WBFF which takes place on the 16th June.
My body percentage fat has dropped 6% and my lean muscle is up.

Once a week I do Body20’s unique Inbody Assessment to track my progress at the training facility. This gives objective results and keeps our training on track.

What I enjoy most about Body20 is the ability to work with different trainers; no training session is the same and I find myself constantly being challenged.
Each staff member is qualified, friendly and professional in the way that they train me & the facilities are always immaculate.

If you are wanting to get into shape or take your fitness level to the next level I honestly can highly suggest Body 20 Cedar Square!”

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