I Love Fourways is proud to share with our community that we have partnered with the Dialdirect Namola app!

The app is a FREE app that allows South Africans to get help fast in emergency situations. With the app, they are able to tell who the user is, where they are located by use of GPS co-ordinates. The app is available nationwide and responds to all types of emergencies, which certainly gives us some peace of mind.

The success of the Dialdirect Namola app can be seen in the number of South Africans that have signed up to use it, along with the hugely positive and successful feedback they have received on reported incidents. Through the Namola Watch network, which allows neighbourhood watch groups and other community response organisations to respond to Dialdirect Namola user emergencies, we have seen hundreds of emergency personnel using the Dialdirect Namola emergency app to get assistance when they have an emergency.

Key Features:

100% Free
Stay in constant contact with In-App chat feature
GPS locations
24/7 control room
Your Emergency contacts will be notified when there is an issue
Track your family

We would like to encourage you to download the Dialdirect Namola app, save it to your home screen on your phone to make sure that it is easily accessible in case of an emergency! Please also encourage your loved ones to do the same!

To download the Namola App, CLICK HERE:

Watch this video to understand how it works and to find out more! 

Dialdirect is an authorised FSP and Insurer


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