I spent my lockdown experimenting with many different hobbies and, at some point, attempted to grow my own plants. I was advised to start with radishes because they apparently grow quickly, and they are therefore a rewarding plant to begin with. I bought a packet of seeds and embarked on my plant growing journey.

My radishes flourished and I was the proudest plant parent out there. That was until my dog discovered that the troughs, in which my radishes were putting all the other plants to shame, were fantastic to lie in and soak up the sun.

Photo taken by author.

I was convinced that the death of my radishes was purely the dog’s fault and so I was not deterred. I tried parsley, more radishes and carrots but I was as equally unsuccessful as I had been with the original radishes (and this time it was totally not the dog’s fault). Needless to say, I certainly don’t have a natural green thumb… not even pale green.

I thought I would do some research and help fellow failing plant parents out there by providing a few easy plant options. The plants that I am about to show you can be found at Fleurtation Garden Centre… and they won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

If you are known for over loving your plant in the way of drowning it then I have the perfect plant for you! The Algoanema can withstand excessive amounts of water and it comes in a variety of different colours – green, white, pink and red.

Image retrieved from The Leaflet.

To the plant parents who are constantly forgetting that they have little ones to care for – the Philodendron is for you. This resilient plant can survive with minimal water (you literally only need to remember to water them once a week) and they can withstand dark spaces.

Image retrieved from Bizzotto.

The final plant is the pièce de resistance for struggling plant parents. This plant is literally nicknamed “the king of indestructible plants”. The ZZ plant can withstand the hazardous trifecta – drought, low light, and low humidity. It is, however, toxic so try not to eat it.

Image retrieved from Gardenista

A piece of advice that I have been told when it comes to plant parenthood is that you should get a plant that lives the way you do. If you live in a low light room and you barely hydrate yourself then you should be looking for a plant baby that has similar requirements to you.

Remember, you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy plants and that’s basically the same thing.


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  1. cmachawira

    Lovely article! Delving into the world of self care and I heard that becoming a plant parent is a good step in learning to care for yourself more! Thank you- I’ll definitely pick a plant that suits my lifestyle!

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