Please see this important post from Rozaan Leibbrandt on I Love Fourways, This incident took place on 6 February 2019 at a complex in Pineslopes.

“Just want to make everyone in the area aware of a white polo sedan (a newer model). Me and my partner stopped at our gate last night busy with the biometric finger print system to enter our complex and next moment this car stops behind us in a rush, our windows were open in this time, two males with guns & balaclava’s approached. We each had a man by our door pointing a gun to our heads shouting and robbing us. This was an absolute terrifying experience. Please please be safe. I should get the registration plate from the security footage and post it so everyone can be on the look out. We didn’t even realize someone was behind us, it really happens in a matter of seconds. I urge everyone to be aware of their surroundings.”

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