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Am I the only one who is afraid to pronounce HUAWEI in public??😥😥😁

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  • Jadene Tager Sue Tager – Hawaiiiiiiii 🤣🤣
  • Tyron Christie Pronounced “why-way” you’re welcome.
  • Liam Gawne Their CEO’s favorite line is: it’s my way or the huawei
  • Samukeliso Sithole Relieved, thought I was the only one
  • Lindy Jeffery 😂. Wha way is the correct pronunciation!!
  • Marylyn Adamson He he he I say wow we and everyone laughs
  • GoldfieldMusic I paid cash for my P20 Pro I call it Haweyi😂 I don’t owe Huawei pronouncing rights! Cash is king 🤴😂😄🤣
  • Vero Monama At first i used to spell it out ddnt hv the courage to pronounce it now it’s wawei finish & klaar.
  • David Rudd Must be a Pumba & Timone phone… A… Hum ba we… TOP OF YOUR LUNGS NOW… #AWeeeeeeee eee eee A hum ba we.
  • Tonia Wu Lol being a Chinese person, it’s literally pronounced hua wei 😂 it makes perfect sense to me but I guess it is hard for none Chinese speakers cause there s no such pronunciation in English 😂
  • Riana Williams Let me school you, since I was schooled by the sales representative when I got my my first Huawei. It’s not a tropical island (Hawaii) or hoo-ah-wei…. It’s wah-way… One more time…. Wah-way. Well done. Gold star for you, now go out there with the confidence to say it loud and proud. Wah-way.
  • Toni Suddes Try ‘Wah-way’. I worked on a business pitch and was told the correct way to say it from the Huawei team
  • Laura-Jean Mackenzie That’s the place that has all the palm trees 🌴 right? 😂

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