This is an incredible story of a young girl who simply wont sit back and make excuses…

Her name is Jayd and she is 25 years old. She has a condition called FA (Friedreich ataxia), a rare inherited disease that causes progressive nervous system damage and movement problems. It usually begins in childhood and leads to impaired muscles coordination which sadly worsens over time…
Jayd started her Body20 journey about a year ago… She started getting results after 4 to 6 months which where improving her motor neuron responses and was also able to increase in strength and endurance.
She started to tone up and see more improvement as the training continued and got harder… Her daily challenges started to become much easier, small things like getting in and out of her wheelchair, which to her is a great achievement… She has got stronger and stronger and has kept on going…

Her passion for modeling became her highlight of her life and today she is a well recognized model for people with the same disease.

With the assistance and care of Body20 Cedar Square, Jayd was able to achieve all this… Well done Jayd for not letting this disease interfere with your goals and passions in life! This is truly commendable and you are truly beautiful!

#unstoppable #strength #dontgiveup #youcandoit #setyourgoals #motivation

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