Blue Heart Team
Jenna Penny Dawes, Gustav Penny, Carolyn Penny – Photo Credit: Cathy Heaton

I Love Fourways is a community driven website that is an extension of the I Love Fourways Facebook group.

The Facebook group was launched in 2014 to bring the local community together through social media. The group has given thousands of Fourways residents a platform to voice opinions, seek advice, get referrals, buy and sell unwanted goods and act as a lost and found. The objective of the group was to encourage engagement and participation through community driven issues and stories however due to the influx of business owners using the page to market their businesses it became difficult to see important information through the hundreds of advertising posts per day. We also identified repetition in posts, can you recommend a plumber, podiatrist, electrician, a good hairdresser, the community wanted referrals on local companies who offered good service, quality, and affordability.

Considering the needs of the community, we have developed a website that provides a centralized location and platform for all Fourways companies to market themselves and community members are encouraged to review their experience with these companies. Through these ratings, we hope to arm our community to make informed decisions based on local experience. The website offers an up to date events calendar only relating to “Whats on” in Fourways and surrounding areas. We have provided you with a “Hot Topics” section which highlights stories and issues from the I Love Fourways Facebook Group that have gone viral throughout the day, these are stories you need to know about as a Fourways resident even if it is a “feel good” story. Together with local partners we aim to work towards a better Fourways, we will be providing information on local initiatives that are targeted at the rehabilitation of our community, we would love and welcome everyone to get involved where they can.

We have taken great efforts to provide you with a digital tool which is focused on improving your local experience however we would love to hear your views on how we ourselves can improve our service to you. Leave us a message through our contact us page and one of our team members will be in contact.

Yours Sincerely

The I Love Fourways Team

ILF Moderators


Congratulation on the hard work you all do in making I Love Fourways a responsible, informative and respected Facebook page. Long may it live!

Peter Pyburn

Just Very Big Shout Out and Thanks to the Penny’s and the I Love Fourways Team for doing such awesome work for our Fourways Community !!! I either have Tears or Serious Goosebumps at how they touch lives and connect us as a human beings… — feeling thankful at The Stables Village Market.

‎Lanice Bartholomew Whitcomb‎

Don’t you just love ‘I Love Fourways’. Thank you Carolyn Penny, Gustav Penny and your super team for doing such a good job of creating positive linkages in the greater Fourways community, and giving individuals and businesses and other groups in the area the opportunity to showcase their products, services and causes. Well done on…

Susan Mottram‎

Thank you for hosting us. Pleasure to be apart of the Fourways community.

Ned & Nancy’s

Thank you ! And thank you for being such a fantastic resource and advertising medium!

Hello Hair

Thank you for the great website! We cannot wait to get more involved in Fourways and become the preferred gas supplier and installations business!

Gas Mart Fourways

Thanks, it was easy and painless.

Liezel Kramer

A big shout out to your guys! Dealing with you is always a positive experience. Thank you

Debbie Botha

This “I Love Fourways” group is a powerful tool in our community, yes people moan about nearly everything these days, no water, taxis driving badly, useless service from the municipality etc etc, then someone posts a pic of a young man looking for a job and this happens………”Within 17 minutes of the post being put…

Jeanette Amy Prescott-Budd

Hi everyone… Me again🙈 Sorry but this group is so damn helpful! ILF has become my Google😂 I want to send my son for Maths Tutoring at Kumon next year (He will be in Grade 1). Which branch would you recommend? Anyone have an idea of price? TIA💞

Lydia ‘Lydz’ Alford

Good morning ILF💙 Firstly I must say that the ILF group is amazing compared to other groups and very well managed! I would like to ask admin a question not visible to the whole group. How many times a week am I allowed to post my Missing Cat Poster? Thank you! Bernadine Green

Bernadine Green

Hi Carolyn, I just wanted to give a massive thanks to you and everyone at I Love Fourways, since you posted the write up on Hoochie Coochies our business has tripled!, and is still growing, the Fourways community has been great at supporting this small local business, and I have many regulars as a direct…

Paul | Hoochie Coochies

ILFJobs: I just want to say ‘THANK YOU’ to this amazing group. I got a job with an awesome company and such amazing people and I started on the 5th of March after being unemployed for 2 weeks. Keep up the fantastic work. ILF Members Join here:

Zandile Legae

When I first joined this group last year my very first post was met with some incredibly harsh and negative comments. One of the ILF community members took it upon herself to stand by me and defend me for about two days. Since that nasty post I feel like I have truly found my forever…

Traci van Hees

Dear Carolyn Thank you for all the good work that you do – it is the least I can do in support of such a great initiative – Thank you! All the best going forwards and thanks for your awesome, proactive and positive input for all living in Fourways. Kindest, Fernbrook Estate Manager

Sally Perrow | Fernbrook Estate