Richard Hastie posted this appeal this morning! A little bit of help can go a long way!

Hi everyone.

I am really hoping to appeal to your softer sides….And hopefully just get 5 minutes of your time to talk about Ark Animal Centre.
Ark do amazing things with what little they have. They shelter and/or feed over 100 dogs – majority puppies. They really go over an beyond for these four legged furies and for very little in return. These people give so selflessly that it is infectious and certainly inspires one to give in the same way. They are making every effort to combat the terrible problem of abused, damaged, hurt and stray animals. Their most pressing concern is food. Whilst they appreciate greatly the food which is and has been donated, the majority of it is for adult dogs as in most cases adult food is slightly cheaper. They are in desperate need of food for puppies, particularly canned food. They simply don’t have any. I saw this with my own eyes.
It is a very emotional journey visiting at Ark but one that will put your lives into perspective and will change you for the good.
Ark is always looking for volunteers and any help they can get. For any further information about Ark, I’d be happy to explain and/or find out for you. Please don’t hesitate to message me.
I am pleading to everyone to please donate what ever they can spare. I have bought 10 cans of wet puppy food (shown above), I will be going to Macro on Saturday to get more and will be going to Ark on Sunday to deliver them. You are all most welcome to join.
I am happy to collect from people if possible although I really do not have much free time in the week. I am also prepared to accept any funds and go and buy the food myself (obviously I will provide slips, photos and confirmation that the money has been used for food and delivered to Ark – complete transparency )
Please look and find it within yourselves to help those four legged furries that cannot help themselves ?


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