This is a post about a personal struggle I have on what to feed my kids and will they eat it…

When my first child went onto solids, he literally ate everything under the sun… We then moved onto textured solids and this changed everything… I tried going back to mush for a while but unfortunately this didn’t help… He is now 3 and has got much better but he’s not crazy about meat or chicken so I just go with it and give him what he enjoys eating. I try to ensure that there is a good balance of everything but it really isn’t easy some days… Anyway, I was curious to find out what others do for their kids and then thought it could be nice to put together a little ILF menu with some options to help with some ideas! Guys, I am NOT a nutritionist, I am a mom that knows the struggle so if you don’t like whats on the menu, thats perfectly ok, its just there to help a parent if they are feeling brain dead after a long day!

Something I think that is really important is to try to include the kids in some of the “easy” meal prep and show them that cooking can be fun! Also, when making things like wraps or nachos with different fillings, put them into individual little bowls and let the kids put together their own meal… its creative and a nice way to give them a chance to choose what they feel like…

Something else that I love is infused waters with delicious fruit! A thing to try!

Here were some of the other suggestions from the community that I really liked:

“I also try and make it as fun as I can. We all eat with our eyes first, so if it looks good the kiddies will eat it. My kids love fruits and veggies as well as pasta and rice dishes that include a meat a veg and a sauce. I also do snacking in between of crackers with cheese and fruit and yogurt.”

“You can feed your kids anything you should be eating as long as they are not allergic. You should be eating minimal sugar, low salt, little to no processed, first choice steamed or second choice raw, seldom fried and NEVER A LOW FAT/DIET VERSION, and balanced and varied and colourful with max palm sized servings of protein with dairy also not in excess at all. THE ONLY vitamin I personally believe one should consider seriously as a standard is B12 as it is difficult for our bodies to get hold of in modern society.”

“A healthy child will eat when hungry. They go through stages when they have ‘growth spurts’ and then tend to eat more. Never force a child to finish all their food. Think about what that teaches them? Also, don’t overload the child’s plate. Correct portion size is important.”You can give left overs for lunch as they are or use them to make something else for example, a roast chicken for dinner can be chicken mayo rolls for lunch. 

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