Life Fourways Hospital is constantly searching for improved technologies and efficiencies to better serve our patients. As a medical facility servicing an ever-growing and evolving community, we pride ourselves in offering high-end technology, value based patient- centred care and strive for impeccable quality.

Robotic surgery is one of the advanced procedures we currently offer to our patients. More specifically, orthopaedic robotic surgery.

Here’s what our Orthopaedic Surgeons have to say about robotic surgery and the benefits they have experienced with knee replacement surgery.

Dr Prakash Kana “Hand – Held – Robotics allows me to have accurate implant placement with Real Time feedback showing the ligament stability during the unicondylar (which is the replacement surgery.)

Dr Lerato Nhlapo – “Robotics helps me design a plan specific for each individual patient’s knee and assists in addressing the knee alignment deformities that developed due to bony erosion or ligament laxity”

Dr Harry Papagapiou – Robotic Surgery offers me precision, accuracy, flexibility and control, starting from intraoperative planning using artificial intelligence with computer navigation right through to final execution and completion of knee surgery with Robotic Assistance.

We are proud to report on our excellent quality and infection prevention scores we have maintained pre, during and post the COVID-19 peak and we encourage you, our community to put your health first and not delay seeking medical assistance when needed. #YourHealthFirst

Do you need a knee replacement or would you like more information on robotic surgery or our Orthopaedic Surgeons?

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